Candleston Campsite

Candleston Yurt Details & Usage Instructions


All site hires include use of our 4 Mongolian Yurts.

Below you will find a list of instructions on how to get the most out of our yurts, and also how you can work with us to ensure that the Yurts are always kept in a decent state for future users.


We currently have 3 medium sized yurts and 1 large one. A medium yurt sleeps up to 5 people and the large yurt sleeps up to 10 people. There is a wood burner in every yurt. When you first arrive the yurts will be open as our caretaker will have done this for you. Please close the doors last thing before you leave the site.


Firstly on arrival you should start a fire in the wood burner as soon as possible regardless of the time of year. Personally we do this before we unload our cars. This will remove any mustiness from where the yurt may have not been in use for a few days. Please be aware that due to the nature of wood burners there will be some initial smoke whilst the pipe is heating up; after that the smoke will all be drawn through the hot pipe and out of the chimney. In adverse weather conditions, it is advised that throughout your stay you keep the fire burning even if just a little.


You should always keep the door closed otherwise wildlife is likely to enter and investigate your belongings.


There is a broom as well as a dustpan and brush in each yurt. We ask all users to sweep out the yurt and the wood burner last thing before you leave.


To see pictures of our Yurts, click here »


If you have any queries regarding the site or the Yurts please contact Mike Penny on 07866472538,